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Family Resources

The Virginia Park Community Centre has a Family Resource Centre located within it. The Family Resource Centre is set up for the development of family oriented programs and services for the community. The parents have been very active and continue to be for the development and direction setting of all the programs and activities taking place at the Family Resource Centre. The Virginia Park Family Resource Centre has developed programs and services that cater to the adults/parents of the community who have children, are alone, don’t socialize, have issues to deal with, or just want something to do. The activities that have been in place and some that are presently in the planning process for families of the community and overseen by the community are as follows:

Parents and Tots

This program is set up to cater to parents and caregivers with a child(ren) between the ages of 0 – 5 years. The purpose of the program is for participants to come to the Family Resource Centre to take part in a community run and supported program that provides quality time for the parent and the child to interact with others from the community and area. The opportunity is provided for parents to socialize, and discuss issues, concerns, successes and ideas that work well with raising children. It is also the opportunity for both the child and parent to get out of the house and enjoy a morning in a facility filled with games, toys, video’s and written resources, and much more.

The Parent and Tot program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 am – 11:30 am.

Healthy Baby Club

The goal of this program is to prevent low birth weights by providing support for expectant mothers. This support takes the form of food supplements, prenatal education, and social support. The Healthy Baby Club is a partnership of Health Canada, Virginia Park Community Centre, Brighter Futures Coalition, and Eastern Health. Core funding is provided by the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition program through the auspices of the Brighter Futures Coalition, St. John’s and District. Participants in this program have access to a Resource Mother, Healthy Baby Co-ordinator and resource people from Health and Community Services. Please call 739 – 8096 for more information.