For Youth

Programs for Preschool Children

Healthy Baby Club
In partnership with Brighter Futures, this program runs every Tuesday from 11:00am-1:00pm for expecting moms of the community. The resource mothers provide information on nutrition, mother care, baby care, and much more. Call 739-8096 for details.

Children ages 0-5, drop-in play program takes place every Friday, 10am-12pm. Parents and children enjoy playtime, crafts, snacks and gym time. We have a new theme and loot bags each week!

Programs for School Aged Children

After School Program
The grade 1-3s are participating in their early literacy program. This program is an education focused initiative to get kids writing, reading and learning at an early age while having fun at the same time. Each time they participate they get a sticker or stamp.

The grades 4-6s are participating in their recreation based program which is funded through the Dept of Tourism, Culture & Recreation. It is a fun filled program that keeps the kids active and healthy. This program consists of canoeing, archery lessons, professional zumba lessons, swimming, karate lessons and much more.

Registration is ongoing and it’s free!

Math Tutoring
Math Tutoring is held every Wednesday night 6:30-8:00pm at the Centre. We have a dedicated group of volunteers from St. Bon’s School who come faithfully to tutor our children. Call the Centre on Monday to register for tutoring on Wednesday. Bring your math book and homework!

Homework Haven
Homework Haven runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6:00pm. This program provides the opportunity for extra help with assignments, projects, etc or just a place to study and read. All free! When the homework session is over, the youth can stay for Youth Group from 6-8pm.

Youth Group
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-9:00pm for youth in grades 7-12.

Music Lessons
Tuesday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm at the Outreach House. Piano, guitar, voice, etc. Lessons offered to children ages 6+ and adults.