Our Mandate

The Exploits Community Centre is one of a network of neighbourhood community centres supported by Newfoundland Labrador Housing Corporation(NLHC) and operated by its members that have been established within NLHC neighbourhoods. These community centres all share a common mission and mandate to help improve the overall well being of NLHC neighbourhoods and tenants by positively impacting the overall life circumstances of NLHC tenants and other residents residing within defined boundaries of particular community centres.

The specific mandate of these community centres is to serve as a vehicle to help improve the educational, health and employment outcomes of tenants and their families living in the area serviced by a community centre.

This mandate is to be achieved by helping to provide and by delivering a broad range of social, recreational, educational, cultural, health and employment programs for the benefit of NLHC tenants through the management of the facility and its resources. These programs and services are designed and offered by each community centre in collaboration with NLHC tenants and community partners and are focused on meeting the unique needs and circumstances of tenants, the tenant neighbourhoods serviced by each community centre, and the community at large of which they form a part.

We Need Your Help!

The Exploits Community Centre rely on volunteers to assist with our programs. If you are interested in volunteering at our Centre , please give us a call.  Thank you!

Please call 489-2141, for further information.