Education and Employment Skills

Driver’s Permit Preparation

Workshop is for individuals age 16 and older to prepare to write their driver’s permit exam. We provide the educational sources such a driver’s permit booklet and sample exams. To provide the tools necessary to assist participants to successfully write their driver’s permit. Workshops are held once every three months. This usually takes place in 2 sessions, consisting of 2 hours each session. There is a power point presentation and review of the sample tests.

Income Tax Preparation Clinic

To provide free income tax clinics for low income earners in social housing, clinics are held during tax season (Feb-April) and service will be available on an on-going basis for those who may need it. This service is meant to give our target group the opportunity to use this free service, in order to continuing receiving GST benefits and Child Tax Credit, incomes taxes have to be completed annually by the April 30th deadline. Also, when applying to for social housing, taxes have to be up-to-date in order to receive the option C that is required for a housing application.

GED Preparation

To provide the resources needed to individuals to prepare to write their GED exam, to provide the resources and an opportunity to those who may be interested in writing their GED exam. The GED exam is offered in our community twice a year, spring and fall. We offer a study group for individuals interested, 6 weeks prior to the exam. To assist the group with the resources needed to help prepare for the exam, this will increases their chances of success. This will give a target group to achieve their high school equivalency diploma and this can open many other opportunities such as attending post-secondary and more job opportunities.

Financial Literacy Dealing with Dollars

To educate individuals on the importance on managing their finances, understanding what financial literacy means and how we can make better financial decisions. To provide the tools and resource to our target group about what it means to be financially literate. This is an 8 week program focusing on the household budgets, money management, financial institutions, and government programs.


Linkages is an employment program for youth ages 18-30 funded by Advanced Education and Skills.  This program is designed to assist youth pursue their career and education goals.  This program will provide 26 weeks of career related employment and provides a wage subsidy to participating employers for 36 hours a week. The youth also participate in professional and personal development workshops one a month.

The criteria to qualify for this program you must be between the ages of 18-30, have completed a minimum of level 2 ( grade 11) or completed level 3( grade 12), have not completed Post Secondary Program, be non EI-eligible and not employed

For more information about the programs you can call the centre at 489-2141