Adult Bingo

Adult Bingo welcomes any adult over the age of 18. It takes place every second Friday afternoon in Buckmaster’s Circle Community Centre’s main program room. This Bingo has grocery item prizes and a ‘You Pick Bingo Card’.

TA (Tenants Association) Events 
There are many events though out the year that members of the tenants association put off for the other community members, for example; monthly Bingo.

Community Connections

This program is a FREE drop in Adult program (18+). Offered every second Friday morning. This program will be similar to what the Tea Tips program was. An opportunity to learn about new things, have a cup of tea and socialize with friends or meet some new friends!

 Mom’s Moments

This program is offered once a month for any women in the community over the age of 18. We all know that raising kids can be hard and sometimes you need a break. Well, that is what this program is about! It’s a night out for those ladies who need it. The focus of this program is to do a variety of fun activities and connect with other women in the community.

Lunch and Learns
Monthly information sessions for all members living in Buckmaster’s Circle on a variety of topics which range from finance budgeting to health and safety to lifestyle tips.